Activity Booking

Activities can be booked in advance of your stay with us, however, booking slots only become available 4 weeks ahead of your stay and are controlled by Haven (Site Operator).

A maximum of 14 booking slots per week are available, therefore should your stay with us be for either 3 or 4 nights the slots will be adjusted accordingly in order to protect slots for other guests staying later in the week;

  • 3 nights - 6 activity slots
  • 4 nights - 8 activity slots
  • 7 nights - 14 activity slots

We understand that this may not be to everyone's liking but we are beholden to the rules that the site operator enforces park wide and no consideration is given to the number of guests our caravan accommodates (8 people).  

It is still possible to book activities upon arrival over and above any that may have been booked in advance.  If swimming is something that you want to do every day it is possible to attend the pool and enquire if space is available at that time, alternatively swimming after 6pm is unlimited and booking is not required.

We appreciate your understanding on this matter and thank you for your patience.